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General Purpose (GP) Police Dog

A General Purpose (GP) police dog can perform many tasks ranging from tracking criminals, suspect detainment, or as a visual deterrent. 

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GP dogs can be trained to track an individual across varying terrain, following a mixture of ground disturbance and human scent. The dog will also indicate items dropped or concealed by an offender, which may be of evidential value.  

They are also able to search for persons in buildings or open places. A suspect can be located by the dog whether they are hidden or not. The dog will generally work off the lead.

GP dogs can also detain fleeing suspects. A dog is only deployed in such circumstance if it is necessary to prevent escape of a suspect and to preserve evidence. Deployment of a dog in such a manner is always with careful thought and consideration to the offence committed.

General Purpose police dogs are generally German Shepherds or Belgian Shepherds (Malinois) because of the breeds' temperament, strength, bravery and intelligence.