VCS Ltd operates from it's own purpose built facilities that are second to none. With separate 
breeding programmes and kennelling sites, VCS Ltd is further augmented by a fully functional dog training school providing superb indoor kennelling, isolation facility, dogs shower room, first aid treatment room, and a purpose built grooming range. Our classroom is large enough to accommodate several students in comfort; our teaching is entirely syllabus based and demands that the students sit and pass a number of practical and theory tests. 

The VCS Ltd training literature is available in a number of different languages, and we have staff able to communicate in a number of different languages. VCS Ltd also uses its own multimedia teaching methods, and it should be noted that all courses available at VCS Ltd must be successfully completed in order to gain our certificate. Our course certificates are awarded for achievement, not attendance.

Students can and have failed courses. We endeavour to ensure that our students succeed and accordingly do all we can to ensure their success. We expect a highly-motivated, fully-committed student determined to do their best. VCS Ltd is able to satisfy any environmental and operational training requirement.


VCS Ltd offers the full scope of training courses, including: 

If it has a signature odour, we believe we can train a dog to find it. We will work with our customers to find novel solutions to your individual operational requirements.  View our Research page for more information.


The world has become increasingly aware of the dangers posed by terrorist activity. Add to this the vulnerability of drug abusers and little wonder that the public mood is one of grave concern. These dangers effect everyone and every part of life. From the terrorist targeting an event and its principal VIPs, to the drug user operating a large piece of complex mobile machinery. Both of these examples pose serious security and safety issues that could have catastrophic effects.

VCS Ltd provide services that can do much to neutralise these threats. Our Bomb Dog or Drug Dog detection services can operate virtually any where in the world to provide you with the highest possible level of assurance. Our dog-teams are covered by the necessary vaccinations to ensure that they can deploy abroad and return to the UK on completion of their task.

Our staff have seen operational service in the UK, Northern Ireland, Central Europe, The Middle East and the Falklands Islands. They are seasoned professionals with an abundance of operational experience, who in addition, have previously held direct responsibility for the training and licensing of UK Armed Forces specialist detection dogs. The UK Armed Forces dogs attain a level of proficiency that other government agencies have for years envied; quite simply their training and their standard operating procedures (SOP's) make them the best, and no other government users can get close to our standards.

We offer full threat analysis and canine security consultancy service, utilising our experience in setting up and managing operational and training programmes throughout the world.