The staff at VCS Ltd have been at the forefront in detection dog developments over the last 35 years.  This includes the introduction of the first UK passive drug detection dogs for employment with HM Customs & Excise; the training and operational deployment of the first dual purpose passive/proactive drug detection dog on training programmes conducted on behalf of the UK Government's Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO); the production of the first dual purpose passive explosives detection dog; involvement with the UK Government's first scientific studies into canine olfaction; representing the RAF on the Working Dog Committee (the forerunner to UK Leads) responsible for producing the first training and licensing standards for the UK's military.

VCS Ltd provide trained explosive and handler training to a private UK client which serves a filtration screening facility responsible for the sanitisation of all deliveries to prestigious Central London-based organisations.  Included in this programme was the need to establish procedures and training methods that would fulfil the requirement of screening and clearing freezer food delivery vehicles, this had to be achieved without the detection dogs accessing the interior of the vehicle.  Comprehensive training and testing conducted by VCS Ltd ensured that it was possible to deliver a viable and effective detection process.

VCS Ltd has recently been involved on a explosive detection dog trial implemented by DSTL on behalf of DofT UK.  This trial continues.