About Us

VCS Ltd has been working with dogs and clients for over 10 years now, utilising it's Training, Kennel and Breeding Facilities in Lincoln UK, to provide a wide range of benchmark leading programmes.

VCS Ltd stands to comparison to any dog training establishment in the world, with the ability to train handlers and dogs to fulfill any canine task. Ranging from arms and explosive search, to combustible accelerants, VCS Ltd provides bespoke training services and follow-on operational consultancy to clients around the world. Our reputation is quite simply, unsurpassed.

Unlike government training organisations, VCS Ltd is able to respond quickly and make immediate and non-politically motivated decisions that are always to the best interest of our clients. VCS Ltd is the flexible training provider who delivers, and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that embrace client requirements, no matter how diverse or complicated they might be. You and you're needs are our priority.

"The difference is our people."

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