Fire Detection Dogs - Week 1

posted 3 Jul 2012, 04:12 by Gaff Elliott   [ updated 3 Jul 2012, 05:01 ]

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Week 1


Week one has come and gone with the new dogs, and all’s well with the training so far. We have accumulated 7 dogs in total – Mansell (the very attentive English Springer that can be seen in the pic with Marcus, my training partner), Lucy, Millie, Max (all Springers), Geoffrey (Cocker), Snipe (Lab), and Victor (Lab Pointer cross).

We’ve been pleased with the progress of the dogs this week but it hasn’t been without it’s challenges. Victor has had a bit more training than the rest and is looking really good. His indication is starting to look really strong and we are getting some consistency, although he does try and throw in a few ‘false’ indication s from time to time! We are really pleased with Geoffrey’s progress especially his indication. 


 Geoffrey (pictured above – he does need a hair cut!) thinks he’s a bigger dog than he really is as he is always telling the other dogs off when we are out free exercising them all. Fortunately none of the other dogs take any notice of him! Lucy and Millie (both black and white colouring) are two little whirlwinds and have loads of enthusiasm and drive so we don’t have any concerns with them. However Mansell and Snipe are causing us to rethink our approach to their conditioning at the moment.



Mansell (picture above – what a handsome lad!) comes from a gun dog background and is very handler conscious and visual, so we have had to cut out any visual incentives that we usually give at this stage. We had some progress on Friday, so we think that we’re on the right lines with him now.

Snipe is just a bit slow on the uptake! He is needing so much more consolidation at each stage of the process. Again, we had some progress by Friday – but it is painfully slow with him. He’s a great dog with bags of energy and enthusiasm and loves the play stage, but the poor lad is a bit ‘special needs’!

So, that was week one! I’ll post more pics of the other dogs and keep updating next week.