Fire Detection Dogs - Week 2

posted 3 Jul 2012, 04:16 by Gaff Elliott   [ updated 3 Jul 2012, 05:00 ]

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Training Update Week 2


So, week two of training complete and time to take stock of the progress that the dogs are making. Just a quick mention about the picture on this post which shows Marcus preparing Victor to start a training session. Hopefully the picture explains my previous post about how our training sessions are set up. A few drops of flammable liquid is squeezed onto a cotton bud and placed within one of the blocks prior to each session, leaving a small gap for the scent to filter out. The dogs are worked in a systematic manner being encouraged to investigate each block in turn. When the dog show’s interest or gives a ‘freeze’ indication the handler delivers the ball in a controlled manner and then conducts a play stage with the dog.

We are really pleased with how the dogs are developing, or should I say, satisfactory for this stage of training! All the dogs’ indications are developing well as is their confidence, control and system of work.

A big week next week with lots of new experiences to introduce to the dogs. We’ll be continuing the work on the blocks as that will be used to keep developing the indication – the end result being to build the time between the dog indicating and when the reward is delivered, without the dogs breaking it’s ‘freeze’. But we will also be working the dogs away from the blocks and introducing them to outdoor work (building surrounds) and indicating on carpet.

It’s all exciting stuff, so look out for more pics next week and check out my pics from the past in ‘RAF Days’…….