Awaiting an arrival or two

posted 26 Sept 2011, 13:18 by Marcus Elliott
Gaff Elliott - 13 Sep 2011 06:50

Today the 13 September 2011, Tilly our exceptionally good Labrador bitch is in the process of producing her latest brood. She was mated to Ted who is 3/4 Lab x 1/4 GSP and out of Gaffer (1/2 Lab x 1/2 GSP) our most prolific brood bitch ever that produced a success rate of 85% for her progeny going onto fully trained detection dog status. Expectations are very high with regard to the quality of this latest litter; the breed lines that are represented here are of the highest quality, so, with fingers crossed we are eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival Tilley's full complement. She is a lovely mum and will be devoted to do her best for her new arrivals. Updates to follow.