Specialist Canine & Counter Terrorist Services for Government & Private Contracting
Vikkas Canine Services (VCS) Ltd provides specialised Canine (k9) Training and Counter Terrorist Services for individual, business and public-sector clients throughout the world. 

We remain at the forefront of Canine Detection technology, being directly responsible for the development  and operational evaluation of many of the current industry standards, see our Research page for more details.

We provide a number of Canine focused detection & prevention services, including Drugs & Explosive DetectionHuman Borne Explosive Detection (HBDE) dogs, Anti-Terrorist dogs, and Tracker dogs. For a full list of programmes available please visit ouServices page.

VCS Ltd is proud to be have provided a number of canine programmes for the British Government over the past 15 years.  We are dedicated to ensure that our clients receive the best possible operational support and training services to suit their requirements and time constraints.

We have at our Lincoln site, a purpose built dog training school, with separate breeding and kennel sites. We provide superb indoor kenneling facilities, isolation systems, dog shower room, first aid treatment room, and a purpose built grooming range.

VCS Ltd has successfully implemented Dog Training programmes in several locations throughout the world, including the Caribbean and South America. We have also supplied trained dogs supporting contracts in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan) working alongside NATO armed forces.

VCS Ltd provides a selection of operational canine services. VCS Ltd operational support dogs possess Passports To Travel 
within the requirements of the EC Pet Passport system, this means we can provide rapid deployment to many regions throughout the world with minimum delay.

For more information and advice, please call +441522 514267 or visit our contact page.

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