Counter Terrorism

Terrorism effects every part of the world. Look at any country and you will find a population that is to some degree at risk and vulnerable to terrorist violence. Unfortunately certain parts of the world and some specific countries have to live with a greater risk; in such places it is normal for a number of Counter Terrorist measures to be employed. One such measure is known as 'Counter Terrorist Search' (CTS). But what is CTS?
CTS is the means by which we employ expertly trained personnel to consider likely terrorist activity and establish their means of attack. Personnel trained in CTS are then able to respond correctly to a situation by studying the "Threat Assessment" and "Risk Analysis" before producing the appropriate "Search & Security Plan". Part of this plan would involve the use of specially trained Arms Explosive Search (AES), or sometimes known as, "Bomb Dog Teams". At VCS Ltd we not only endorse the use of such resources but in fact train dog-teams for this role and provide operational AES/Bomb Dog teams for deployment nationally and internationally.

To implement the "Search and Security Plan" safely and accurately the personnel need to be conversant with the Terrorist Modus Operandi (Method of Operation). To achieve such a degree of expertise CTS personnel require the most up to date information and the most thorough and applicable training.

London Bus Bombings 2007