Breeding Programme

The VCS Ltd breeding programme has been developed over the past ten years, but the expertise and thought that has been employed within the programme has been directly influenced by the decades of experience of Gareth Elliott (MD). He benefited from parents who were renowned world-wide as experts in the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) field. Both of them are revered as international judges and breed authors.
His father Percy and his mother Nem, forged the GSD breed in the UK as we now know it. They and their Kennel Prefix of Vikkas av Hvitsand became synonymous with quality: quality temperaments; quality characters; quality breeding; quality appearance; quality companions; quality working dogs.

Motivated purely by their love of the GSD breed and by applying principles important to them, they often ran in the face of severe criticism. Undeterred, they pursued their goals and eventually succeeded in producing a popularising the GSD type that we now accept as the best example of the GSD breed. Gareth's exposure to this kind of steadfast and unflinching intent has served to remind him of the important principles to uphold when striving for perfection.